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2020 - 21 Meridian Junior High Announcements

Week of September 14, 2020

2020-21 Meridian Junior High Announcements 30







September 14

September 15

September 16

September 17

September 18

September 19

Students A-Le - MJHS
Students Lf-Z - Remote

Don't Forget to Bring Your Chromebooks to School EVERY DAY!

Students A-Le - MJHS
Students Lf-Z - Remote


Remote Learning Day. 

See Schedules Below

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

MJHS PTO Meeting 6:00pm at DJ Park

Students A-Le - Remote
Students Lf-Z - MJHS

Students A-Le - Remote
Students Lf-Z - MJHS





Important Dates Coming Up:   September 16 - MJHS PTO Meeting; September 25 - Student Council applications due

E-Learning Helpers

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

Homework Page
Google Classroom 

Homework Page
Google Classroom

Homework Page

Google Classroom


  • Students must sign into the google meets when their class begins.  Students are being marked absent if they are not in the live portion while they are in remote learning.  If your student is telling you they are in google classroom, that is great, but they need to join the live link for live instruction.  If you need help with this, let me know.  

  • During remote learning, your student must be using their district issued chromebook!  Teachers are able to utilize the goguardian feature to reach out directly to your student.  If your student is using a different device, the teacher may look at goguardian and think they are absent.


  • We know and appreciate that you allow us into your homes as part of the remote learning experience. We also know that some students do not like having themselves or their homes on display. In our attempt to be respectful of this we have not forced students to have their cameras on during class time. That said, we really hope that you encourage your student (when appropriate and when they are comfortable) to have their camera on. We are running into many instances where we are calling on students who are no longer present and want to ensure the best possible learning experience for our kids. 

  • Please remind your students about our cell phone policy.  Since students are not using lockers, and carrying their backpacks, cell phone violations are creeping up.  The policy is found on page 15 of the student agenda:

    • Cell phones may be be brought to school for before and after school  use or if required by a teacher for a specific lesson.  8th grade students are allowed to use them at lunch.  They will lose this privilege for misuse.  Phones should be turned off while in class.  If a student’s phone is observed during school hours, like in the hallway or in the classroom, it will be confiscated and brought to the office.  The principal will keep the phone until the end end of the day.  Students will be assigned an after school detention or a Saturday school.  

  • STUDENT COUNCIL APPLICATIONS:  Applications are out for the MJHS Student Council!  If your student is interested in being involved this year, please have them grab a packet from the office.  7th and 8th graders will need two teacher evaluations submitted along with their application. Please have them turn applications back into the office no later than Friday, September 25!  Feel free to call Ms. White with any questions (815) 988-7361.

  • Beginning Thursday Sept, 3, 2020 the Meridian School District  Food Nutrition Services Department and the U.S. Department of Agriculture will provide free meals for all children in the District.  This ensures those children who rely on nutritious meals are able to continue doing so, even when they are not in the building for live instruction. This program will run until December 31 or until the money runs out. The deadline for ordering for remote days is every Monday by 11:00 a.m.  Orders can be picked up at SVHS on Wednesdays from 11:00-12:30 or 4:00-5:00.  You can find the link on the front of the district website under Departments/Food Service.

    • All students are currently not being charged for lunch under this program.

  • There are no microwaves available for students at this time.

  • We will be taking school pictures this year.  I am just not sure of when or how just yet.

  • Our mantra this year is Grace and Flexibility...with that in mind, we are making an adjustment for students next week.  Students will remain in the groups they are in, but they will be changing classrooms.  Desks will be cleaned between each class, students will remain in the same seating chart in each room, and social distancing will be followed to the best of our abilities.  This change became essential because of disruptions in instruction with teacher movement.  

  • If your student is going to be absent from school, whether for in person learning or remote learning, you will still need to call the office to report the absence.  Students that are remote still need to sign into their classes following their schedules.  That means everyone needs to be logged in for attendance each period!   

  • As you are aware, we are currently not letting visitors into the building.  If you need to pick up your student early, you will need to bring your identification and ring the doorbell on the left set of doors.  We will check your id, find your student and bring him or her to you.  This process does take a few minutes, so you may want to come a little earlier if you are trying to make it to an appointment!

  • If you are having technology issues, please go Meridian223.org; hover over the student tab, you will see a drop down for the student help desk.  You can enter your tech issues here; please be descriptive!I

  • In Skyward you are allowed two emergency contacts.  Please make sure you log in and make sure they are updated.  If you would like to give us some additional emergency contacts to have on file please fill out the attached form and return it to me via email; or have your student drop it off in the office.  The form must be signed by a legal guardian.

  • Logging into chromebooks: A student logs in using their email address; their password is their student id number.  Watch this short video to see how to do thisLogging into your chromebook.  If your student does not know their student id number you can log into Family Access and find it under the student information tab.  It is directly under the student picture listed as other id.  If you need directions for logging into Family Access Family Access Information

  • Remote Learning Expectations:  Remote Learning for the 20-21 School Year

  •  Students will follow their schedule each day, whether remote or in person.  Attendance will be taken.  

    1. For example, a student who is coming in person on Tuesday, will follow the schedule found in skyward.  Even though student schedules make it appear like students are changing classes each hour, they are...but the students are not moving. The teachers are.  Please talk to your kids about the first few days, it is going to be different than what they are used to.    

    2. Wednesdays are a remote learning day for everyone.  Wednesday schedules have been shortened.  See Class page for that information.

  • Self Certify your student before they come to school.  If they have a phone they can show this to enter the building.  If you self certify them at home you can print off the pass or we will be able to look it up.  If you do not self certify your student, their temperature will be taken before they can enter the building.  Self Certification Instructions/Link
    • Students are to report to the following locations:
      • 6th grade - band room

      • 7th grade - small gym

      • 8th grade - large gym

      • Students are asked to not stop at their lockers in the morning.  We are developing new routines for lockers to maximize social distancing.

  • Don’t forget the required masks!  Students should be bringing chromebooks and refillable water bottles daily.  The drinking fountains are not available, but the bottle fillers are.  Don't forget to charge your chomebook every night too.

  • LIBRARY - This year instead of students coming to the library, the library is bringing books to the students. Students are also welcome to request books using the MJHS online catalog. For all information relating to the library, visit our new website at Library Website.  You can also find this link under LIBRARIES on the school website.  ***Important!  Please make sure your student is checking the availability of the book before requesting it!  Watch this video to learn how to do this!  Last week a few parents showed up for books that we didn’t have because their student did not check the availability!  Watch this video to learn more about it!  How to Request a Library Book

  • Remember we are using Google classroom!  Parent Guide to Google Classroom


    MJHS 2020-2021 Activities information as of August 16, 2020

     The Rt. 72 Conference AD's have put together a schedule for this year's activities.  Please understand, some dates might change depending on factors outside of our control.  We will keep you updated as much as possible using email, the district website, and our social media forums.  These dates represent start and end dates for the seasons.    

    Boys Basketball  (BBB), Academic Team (AT), and Cheerleading (CH) -- November 16 - January 15
    Wrestling (W) and Girls Basketball (GBB) -- January 18 - March 5
    Volleyball (VB) -- March 8 - April 16
    Track (T) -- April 19 - May 21

    •  As you all know information and situations change often these days.  One item I urge you all to not wait on is updating SPORTS physicals.  Students are not allowed to practice without them and might miss the opportunity to "make the team" if we need to restrict our participation numbers.  Sport specific details will follow.  Registration for these activities will open around November 1st.  

      Please direct your questions to Ms. Smith our AD by emailing her at msmith@mail.meridian223.org   

  • REMEMBER:  The GoGuardian feature still works at home.  GoGuardian is our software monitoring system that we use to keep kids safe while they are online.
  • Mrs. Ziztke's Counseling Page

  • Teacher Email Addresses

  • Yearbooks have been distributed.  There are extras ordered, they will be available first come, first served. If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Gale at kgale@mail.meridian223.org.  Yearbooks are $15.00.

  • Please remember if your student is sick, they must be fever free with no medication for 24 hours before they return to school.  The 24 hour rule also applies to vomiting and other bodily functions!

  • The District has developed an anonymous tool for anyone to report information that may be of concern to them.  Use this link to access the form. You will also soon find this link on the district webpage.  MCUSD Anonymous Reporting Form
  • Remember to come a little early when needing to sign your student out of school.  Students will not be called to the office until we verify who is picking them up. This can take a couple of extra minutes - we are always trying to improve our safety measures.  Do not be offended if you are asked for your id.  In fact, bring it in with you.  It makes signing out much faster.  Please do your best to communicate with your student pick-up procedures before school starts.  If you are picking them up early, please write a note and have your student stop by the office before school.  You must come into the office to sign your student out.

  • Please make sure your emergency contacts are updated on Skyward. Per District policy, the office will not be able to release any student to those who are not listed as a family member or emergency contact.  Siblings must be aged 18+ to sign out a student

  • Like the District Facebook page @MeridianCUSD223 to see all of the great things happening at MJHS.  

  • Lunch money needs to be dropped off in the office first thing in the morning.  If it comes in after 9:00 a.m. it will not be entered until the next day.

  • Breakfast is served in the small gym in the morning!

  • BULLYING:  Is It Bullying?

    •  When someone says or does something unintentionally hurtful and they do it once, that is RUDE
    • When someone says or does something intentionally hurtful and do it once, that is MEAN
    • When someone says or does something intentionally hurtful and they keep doing it- even when you tell them to stop or show them you are upset, that is BULLYING
        ****Please remind your students this includes things they say/post on social media****
  • LIBRARY BOOKS AND FINES: Please make sure you have returned all library books and have paid any fines you may owe.  If you have any questions, please see the librarians.
  • 8TH GRADE BOOK CLUB:  Info coming soon!
  • ILL CHILD:  If your student does not feel well during the school day, they must come down to see the nurse. The nurse will contact you. If your student texts you and asks you to pick them up because they are sick, this may not be excused by the office. If you receive a text from your child, please direct them to the nurse. Remember, we don't collect homework for students until they have been absent 3 or more days.  Skyward often has lesson plans and assignments posted by various teachers.  Sometimes you can even find the PDF of worksheets you an print off at home.
  • MJHS PTO NEWS:  Please click HERE to see the PTO news: Next PTO Meeting is September 16 at 6:00 pm at Davis Junction Park.  All current MJHS parents and teachers are welcome. Any questions, please contact melhhj1@gmail.com
  • PBIS STORE:  The next PBIS store will be announced when we get back.  Hours for the PBIS Store 11:00 - 2:00.  Please have all your Cardinal Cash signed.  
  • MORNINGS:  Remember there is no supervision before 7:00 a.m. If you drop your student off before that, they will be outside until the building opens at 7:00 am. Please remember that you are not allowed to walk to Casey's or Marathon in the morning after exiting the bus.  You need to enter the building upon exiting the bus.  Breakfast is served in the small gym.
  • LEAVING CAMPUS - Students are NOT allowed to leave campus and then return to get on the bus.  Mrs. Davis is responsible for your student from the moment they leave your house until the moment they get home. For example, they are not allowed to run to Casey’s and then come back on campus. If they are hurt crossing Route 72, Mrs. Davis is responsible.  Any student that does, this will not be allowed to get on the bus.



    Coming Soon

    MILLION WORD READERS:  Click HERE to see the latest Million Word Readers for 2019-20!!

    NOTES FROM THE NURSE:  Please continue to reinforce the 3 C's:  CLEAN, COVER, & CONTAIN.  

         CLEAN your hands often using soap and water or hand sanitizer.  
         COVER your coughs & sneezes with tissue or use your sleeve if no tissue is available.
         CONTAIN germs by staying home if you are sick. You should stay home at least 24 hours after being fever-free without the use of fever-reducing medicines.  

    LUNCH BALANCE:  Please make sure your lunch balances are in the positive for this year.

    PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention System) Reminders:  Students can only use cell phones and wear hats after school hours.  Cell phones need to be turned off and put away as soon as you enter the building.  If you have any questions about the PBIS reminders, please contact a teacher.

    PBIS WINNERS:  Congrats to our 1st quarter PBIS Winners!!

    6th Grade
    7th Grade
    8th Grade:  

    Congrats to our 1st Semester PBIS Winners!!

    6th Grade
    7th Grade:  
    8th Grade:  

    Congrats to Our Winners !